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OCTV implementation software licence

OCTV implementation software licence

The Digital Media Project (in the following “DMP”), a not for profit organisation registered in Geneva, Switzerland as Licensor hereby grants the Licensee, a License to use the Open Connected TV Implementation Software (in the following “Software”) at the following conditions

  1. Licensees appear in the list of dmp1330, as amended from time to time and approved by the DMP Board of Directors
  2. Software may be used for any purposes, including commercial purposes, provided no source code is released to parties other than Licensees
  3. Software may be modified
  4. Software may not be licensed in source code
  5. A Licensee may develop additional modules that extend the Software without obligation to donate the module back to DMP
  6. DMP is not licensing any patent relevant to the use of Software
  7. DMP reserves the right to change the terms of this License
  8. Any future change of the License will not affect the Licence granted to existing Licensees