OCTV seeks to enrich one-way TV services with two-way interoperable and multichannel content access and delivery

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OCTV seeks to enrich one-way TV services with two-way interoperable and multichannel content access and delivery. The OCTV Specification enables the creation and the OCTV software accelerates the development of a broad market of products, content, services and applications that enrich access to and delivery of one-way TV services with two-way interoperable multichannel content. The Digital Media Project (DMP) has awarded the development of of Open Connected TV (OCTV) Implementation Software to CEDEO.

The DMP OCTV specification is based on international standards and the OCTV software implementation is of commercial-grade. DMP members can use the OCTV implementation software for commercial purposes within the limits of the OCTV Licence. DMP membership is open. Read a paper on OCTV implementation architecture and technologies. The OCTV Software currently supports the following scenario:


creates file containing video, descriptive metadata and use rights, and uploads the file to "Server"


segments the video, posts the relevant data to the web site


uses DASH to play content posted on "Server" according to use rights established at "Source"


Check to see whether java is installed in your machine


If not installed, download and install your preferred Java version


Download Download and install "vlc mxm mf engine" depending on your java version.
User: chillout
Password: come2chillout


Download Download and install "octv sink and source".
User: chillout
Password: come2chillout

Refer to the DMP wiki (User: chillout Password: come2chillout) for additional technical information.

The mission of the not-for-profit Digital Media Project is to provide the missing pieces required to complete the Digital Content revolution, in particular tools that enable people creating and distributing digital content to be remunerated for their work. See the Interoperable DRM Platform specification (word, pdf).
Open Connected TV is a DMP specification that responds to market trends that seeks to establish, through a common platform accessible free of charge to its members, a new market for Connected TV there are no barriers because of incompatible devices. A standard that brings more innovation and access to development, giving more opportunities and satisfaction to both distributors and consumers.

How to join the Digital revolution and contribute to the development of new standards?

The DMP was established in December 2003 and since then has developed specifications and a reference software. By joining the DMP, companies may access the source code of the OCTV implementation software and use it for commercial products according to the OCTV licence.

To join the DMP you should:


Sign the DMP Statutes and send the signed original to

Digital Media Project Secretariat
5 cours des Bastions
CH-1205 Geneva


Send 1,500 CHF yearly membership fees to

UBS SA Geneva
Account holder: Digital Media Project
Account No.: 0240-607056.00Y
IBAN: CH28 0024 0240 6070 5600


Please note that for accounting reasons the amount transferred should be

1. 1,500 CHF
2. net of transfer and currency conversion expenses


Send an email to communicating the execution of the two steps above. You may like to attach the scanned last page of the Statutes with your signature to your mail

An invoice will be sent upon receipt of your remittance. If you need an invoice to pay membership fees, please state so in a mail to